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12-16-02  The reception for the latest Pollock prints that were printed by machine did not seem to approach that for his hand-made prints.   Several collectors have told me that they felt these prints would not be as collectible in the future as his earlier prints.  The addition of advertising copy at the bottom was a turn-off for me.  Setting those issues aside, I am in love with the "Food not Bombs" print which moves me more and more as I  get used to it. The imagery is stunning, and it shows off the capability of machine presses to do more colors with block prints while still getting excellent color registration.     My fiancee Tammy has already requested that we frame this one next.

Earlier Pollock prints seem to be holding their value.  I heard of a pair of Great Wents that changed hands for $10k for a matched number set earlier this year.  This is down from the peak price of $7500 for a matched set three   years ago.  Other important prints like "Phish Power" and Atlanta '99 seem to be holding steady at around $1000, down from $1500-$1700 a year or two ago.

<Delay until 12/16/02> 11-25-02   A source told me via email that not one but three new Pollock Phish show prints are in the works.  At this time it is unknown whether they are going to be hand-pulled prints. You didn't hear it from me.   Got your Hampton tix yet? 

I received my Halloween '95 reprints the other day, and was pretty impressed.  Of course it has the Phish logo and print number on the bottom which the original did not have.  Stilll a nice addition to your Phish/Pollock  collection for a very reasonable price.

8-31-02  Finally, something to talk about.  As everyone knows by now, the boys are going back on tour.  See Phish.com for more info.  If all works out, I might just try to make it down to Hampton.

An email arrived this week from Jim's Pollock's wife about his "first and 'Phirst' art show, a career retrospective opening at Sanctuary Art Site at 47 Maple Street in Burlington, Vermont. Jim will be there to schmooze at the opening, 6 -9 p.m. on Friday, September 6th."  Read the whole email here.

Several people have told me about getting ripped off on ebay.   One guy allegedly bought a framed Europe '96 print made on a color laser printer.   This is the same one I mentioned in a previous column!  I never did hear if there was a resolution to this.  Other issues included packages that never arrived and posters with undisclosed damages.  Just the usual stuff.   Maybe I've said it before, but be careful out there, sharks patrol these waters. When buying high end pieces it can be much safer to buy them from a dealer, or trade/buy them in a provate transaction.  Many kind folks hang out on the Yahoo board Posterpeople.

5-03-02  I took the opportunity to call Jim Pollock on the phone yesterday to talk about his new print.  Sold out in four days, "Got Oil" is getting many emphatic responses from the community on both sides of the fence.  As I told Jim, "It isn't art unless it moves you", and this piece surely does that.  While Jim says he enjoys doing outrageous propaganda pieces like this, his next print will be more subdued in it's message, but still relevant to the environmental issues he holds dear.  Jim also noticed that there were fewer multiple orders for this x/400 print, which means that fewer may be available on the aftermarket.   He is also keeping busy with artwork for the continuing Live Phish series.    

On Ebay there is a Europe '96 up for auction with a very reasonable starting bid of $500. 

4-28-02  A new Jim Pollock print is available at his web site. A limited edition of 400, it is available for $40 with a maximum of three posters per person.

4-8-02  Since Yahoo can't seem to get their act together with the Trader's Post board, I am going to re-open the Trader's Post page that used to live here with some modifications.  At some point, I hope to convert it to an automated discussion board like it was on Yahoo.

Did I read that correctly on the Phish.com web site's Dry Goods News: "We are now also taking preorders for the new Simpsons/Phish Tour 2002 T, which will be ready to ship in late April".  Phish Tour 2002.  I like the sound of that very much.  My fiance wants to do Phish Tour next summer for our honeymoon.  I was beginning to think it wasn't going to happen.  Hmm... Phish Tour 2002. Just rolls off the tongue like, like buttah.

A Pollock Europe '96 print #92 went for $3500 on Ebay.   Originally a T-shirt design for the Eorpe '96 summer tour, three were reportedly made, two signed and numbered, and an artist's proof which has the words "Europe '96" at the bottom.  This rare early print is approximately 8"x10" and 8" x 14" for the proof.  I had the occasion to see the proof a few years ago, and based on that viewing, I like the signed and numbered version better. Either way, $3500 seems pretty reasonable given the scarcity.

3-23-02  My apologies for the messed up Trader's Post site on Yahoo.  When they switched it over to Yahoo Groups, it seems to have lost the ability to accept new messages.  I am still waiting to hear back from them. 

3-13-02 A message regarding a brother who needs our help:

Hi all,
Our good friend and brother Torey Newlin has been missing since setbreak of the String Cheese Incident show on 2/16/2002 in Lahina, Hawaii. Michael
Everett has generously created this poster as a fundraiser to help the
Newlin Family with their expenses in their search for Torey. There is a
suggested donation of $15 for each poster. Please click on the following
link for more information on Torey Newlin and the new Michael Everett


A mint Pollock '93 NYE poster went for $300 in recent Ebay action.  This is the most I have seen paid for a Phish black and white glossy show bill/poster.  A Gorge '99 by Pollock went for $750, and an Albany '99 went for $536.  A Polaris 2000 went for $455. These are about the same prices we saw two years ago. A Shoreline 2000, however, went for $415, about $150 less than two years ago.

2-23-02  A few nice Pollock prints have traded hands in private transactions.  Atlanta '99s are trading between $1000 and $1200 each. Gorge '99s are $600-$700.  Sets of all 6 Circus prints are going for $1000-$1200.   Several White Tape prints were sold at $1900. A signed and numbered Europe '96 is still available at $4400.  A framed UIC '98 can be purchased for $3300. 

2-14-02  A pre-Valentine's Day surprise awaited one phan, as he manipulated the URLs at the official Phish web site, and was able to bring up previously unreleased information about the next 6 Phish Live music releases.  The cover art by Pollock was also discovered in the same Phishing expedition.  Thanks go to SMM35 for the tip on Trader's Post.

2-7-02  A set of the 4 Pollock Big Top (Circus) prints went for $406 in recent ebay action.  A collection that also included "Making Money", and "Humpty Dumpty" went for $710.  In other news, a Hartford '00 went for $585, the most I've ever seen paid for this poster.  Meanwhile a "Phish Power", which does not come around too often, did not receive a bid, having an opening bid price of $800.

2-2-02  Happy 2s to everyone.  The Closed Auctions page was updated today.  Please keep in mind that it is over 600k now, so it takes a while to download.  Thanks go to Tim M. for compiling it.  

1-26-02 Another collector was kind enough to send me an image of a new Pollock New Years print.  While not a Phish poster, it will appeal to any collector of Pollock's work.  Signed and numbered x/100, a lucky few of Jim's friends and associates seem to have received them as New Years gifts.

1-21-02  Here is the email from Jim Pollock that I promised in my previous column.
To Whom It May Concern,

Thank you so much for your support and all my fans encouragement and support over the years. The caricature I did for the "Clifford Ball" was a Xerox
edition of 1500, of which about 100 were sold and signed at the Ball. I have
since tried to locate the original art and unsold copies, with little

I had a great time at the Clifford Ball and it was good to meet up with and
talk to so many fans of my work. I do regret, though, my choice to sell
mass-produced off-set printing products and not exclusively hand-made
prints, which I continue to produce and encourage today. I took my commerce
experience at the Ball as a learning experience. A lot of the unsold off-set
pieces I recycled and sold some back to Dry Goods for them to sell at their
website. Most of the pieces I lost track of and have not had the interest in
looking for them.

I feel the "Great Went" experience as an artist peddling his wares, went
much better since I limited all my product to hand-made prints. I continue
to make my hand-made posters and am currently working on a release for

I will keep your email, if any of the caricatures do surface.

Thanks again,

Jim Pollock

1-18-2002  I talked to Jim Pollock today about his Clifford Ball Caricature print.  Evidently he only had three weeks to prepare his booth, and consequently was only able to bring the Xerox-copied, but hand-signed caricature print plus the offset printed Big Top series and Clown posters that are still available at Dry Goods.  As far as the quantity in circulation goes, they are numbered x/2500, but Jim says that in reality, only about 100 were ever released.  Note that this was in 1996, several years before his artwork began to get serious attention. Many more of these prints were made up and taken to the shows, but most ended up being recycled.  Jim promised to send me an email he wrote a few days ago that fully explains the situation regarding this poster. He has agreed to let me reprint it here, and when it shows up, I will reprint it in it's entirety.

Jim also mentioned that his booth at The Went did much better than the one at the Clifford Ball, but alas, he is out of extras of his set of 6 Big Top prints. These were available for purchase last year on a somewhat informal basis for about $350 a set.  Of these, the Humpty Dumpty is the star, and is the only 5 color linoleum cut he's ever done.  The subject matter and small size makes it easily frameable for any room in the house.  If you don't want to spring for the full set, this is the one to get.

1-16-02  Here's a few prices from private sellers.  White Tape prints by Pollock sold  for $1100-$1300.  The Big Cypress print by Jager, DiPaolo, Kemp was fetching $120-$150.  A Clifford Ball authorized print went for $80.  A set of all 6 Big Top series prints by Pollock went for $800, and were still available for $800-$1000.  The NYE '98-99 Devil Girl prints are plentiful, and were selling for $50-$70. An offer of $500 was out for a Lakefront Arena '99.

On Ebay, a '99 Hampton by Pollock went for $680, a Polaris '00 went for $390, a Rosemont for $345. A Shoreline '00 went for $420-$444.  A Gorge '99 went for $640.  In related Pollock news, an unworn '99 T-Shirt that Jim did for the '99 Portland, Maine shows went for $125. 

12-08-01  With the band rumored to have played at a wedding 420 days after their last performance at Shoreline, we can only hope that they are getting restless to go back on tour.  I have talked to or heard about at least a half dozen people who have more or less completed their Pollock collections, and have not traded in a long time.  We want Phish!

11-01-01  It seems the two Went Pieces did complete on Ebay.   They were not listed yesterday, but today they are.  They got as high as $3750 for the Walking Fish, and $3250 for the Robot.  Sorry for any confusion.

10-31-01  Happy Halloween, Happy Blue Moon (the first since 1955), and Happy Birthday!  The birthday greetings are for my favorite poster, the Halloween '95 by Pollock, which is 6 years old today.

Speaking of Pollock's, the pair of Went prints that were for sale on Ebay, which seem to only come up for auction every Blue Moon, appear to have been pulled at the last minute.  The last I saw was that the Walking Phish was at $3750 or so, and the Robot was at at $3150.  I looked at this auction two or three hours before it closed, and who know why it was pulled at the last minute?  If it didn't hit it's reserve (estimate $5000-$6100), the seller should have just let the auction runs its course.  If it actually hit reserve, I would hope that the seller wouldn't stoop to pulling it just to avoid Ebay's fees.  In any case it is unfortunate that it was never completed.  Perhaps the reason will come out at some point.

10-27-01 Reprinted from the Poster People discussion board regarding why I dislike Reserve Prices on auctions.:
I can see why a bidder looking for fun may enjoy messing around with reserve prices. Perhaps my problem is that people routinely put reserve prices of 3x, 4x, even 10x the starting bid. As a serious bidder, I may want to pay up to $1000 for a particular piece (for example), yet I really don't want to disclose that in my opening bid without knowing that I have an actual chance of winning the auction at that amount. So a seller with an opening bid of $100 expects me to put in bids of $200, then $300, then $500, then $700, etc., all the way to $1000 before the reserve price is even discovered. If the reserve price ends up being something ridiculous like $4000 or even $1500, I have totally wasted my time on that auction.

As a seller, I would never force my potential buyers to go through all that. Who knows, they may get frustrated with that auction before they even get to $1000, or perhaps they became frustrated with reserve prices altogether because of a previous auction. Either way, the seller potentially loses, yet has nothing to gain except for the knowledge that they have may provided some fun to some bored ebay users. While there may be exceptions to the above, what I see most of the time is that people use what I would call "list" price as their reserve. A potential buyer is better off just calling a phish poster dealer like Kent and paying "list" price or possibly much better if he needs to unload some things.

In any case, as I stated earlier, your mileage may vary (ymmv),


10-25-01  A pair of unsigned, and unnumbered Great Went prints by Pollock are up for sale in separate auctions on Ebay.  As of this writing they have been bid up to $3050 each.  These auctions close on 10/30/01, though neither has hit their reserve price.  If they actually sell on Ebay, it will be a first for these very rare prints.

10-21-01  The Fillmore '98 poster by Jo Elrod is a gorgeous piece that doesn't get talked about very much.   Fairly easy to find and inexpensive to own, it is done in an American folk art style similar to Pollock's  "Big Top" series.  The quality and the detail of the images n this print make it highly frameable.  The orignal appears to be done in pen and ink plus watercolor.  It was then printed on an offset printer on glossy poster stock.  I recall a thread on r.m.p. that went into some detail on which images are related to which songs.  Clearly there are Antelope, Llama, Bathtub Gin, Fluffhead, Poster Nutbag, and Lawn Boy images.  There are also two curious looking cartoon heads about 1/2" in diameter hidden in the bubbles in the red area at the upper left.  Very curious indeed! 

10-19-01  A new Closed Auctions page (375k) is on this site.  The data comes from a compilation by Tim M., who offered it up the other day on the Poster People discussion board.  This page represents a lot of hard work, and we should all be grateful for his offer to share it with everyone. 

10-18-01  On Ebay, a few nice pieces have been sold in the first 15 days of October 2001.  A White Tape by Pollock went for $1625, while a Halloween '95 went for a mere $535.  An Amsterdam '97 went for $228, while Udder Balls went for $152- $255. A Lemonwheel LE went for $200.  Hartford '00's LE's were going for around $400, while the Shoreline '00s LEs were fetching around $450 or so.  

A Pollock signed '00  "Making Money" went for $265.  While physically small this is a very nice 2 color limoleum cut print, characterized by deep and contrasting black and red ink on heavy white "Bristol" paper.  This early design from 1997 hints at the 1930's industrial propaganda style print that we see in his later works like the Allstate '00 and the various Hemp prints.  

10-12-01  A few nice pieces of Phish and Trey Band Fan Art are starting to come out.  The interesting thing about fan art is that this is where many poster artists get discovered.  It is also a place with a murky legal background, which has tended to make many collectors wary when wading into this territory.  These type pieces run the gamut from pure schlock to very impressive.  Some are handmade and numbered using a variety of techniques while others appear to be run off on a good color laser printer.  A few, like A.J. Masthay, and Ryan Kerrigan are already picking up commercial gigs and have been busy upgrading their equipment and processes.   Besides AJ's very nice handmade pieces, (I really like his latest creation "Fall of the Oyster), "I have also seen C. Battag's latest creation, and his work seems be improving as well.  While the volume of pieces and amount of time involved is keeping me from displaying all this artwork in the archive, I encourage all poster artists to upload their images to the Images > Fan Art  section of the Trader's Post Board on Yahoo.   

10-5-01  I did the math on the 30k lot of Pollocks, and given the recent softness in pricing, it's just about right if you factor in the "complete collection"  premium that collectors often pay, and the fact that it includes one of the three Europe '96 pieces.

10-4-01  A second edition of the Pollock "Live Phish" print is available at Dry Goods.  If you didn't catch it the first time, now is your chance.

A complete collection of limited edition  Pollock Phish posters has been offered privately at $30,000.  While I haven't done the math on this one, it doesn't seem like it's that far off given that a pair of Wents recently sold for $11k in posters and cash.  This collection also includes one of the three known copies of the Europe '96 Artist's Proof print, which Mr. Pollock has stated to me in the past, was just that, an artist's proof , and was never released as a poster.  One of these copies has the words "Europe '96" printed at the bottom and the story goes that it was given away as a gift.  The other two Jim sold to fans who inquired about his artwork in the months after the tour ended.  

9-27-01  Some nice pieces have recently changed hands privately.  A Went Robot was traded for approximately $6100 in posters,  in a deal that included a UIC '98.  A Went Walking Fish also traded for about $6100 in cash and posters in a a separate transaction.  Another UIC sold for $3300.   Other recent private sales included a stack of Big Cypress Y2K LE prints which went for $90 each, some Allstate 2000's sold for $325, a couple NYE 98-99 went for $125 each, and two Lemonwheel Small Blue posters went for $45. 

9-23-01  In recent Ebay action, a UIC '98 failed to reach its reserve price, but did manage to hit $2900 with 8 bids.  A Deer Creek '99 by Pollock went for $731, while a '95 Halloween went for $675.  A Polaris 2000 went for $454.  With world events still unfolding however, prices seem to be softening a bit.  As of today, an Amsterdam '97 is at $100, A Paris '97 is also at $100.  A NYE '97-98 :Udder Ball" print is at $152.50.  While they have yet to close, all three of these prices are well off the highs reached earlier this year.  A set of 6 Circus prints (split up into 3 auctions) was pulled from the market before their closing date.

The new Pollock poster that was available at Dry Goods may have sold out.  I'll try and get the scoop on it Monday.   In the meantime, the three Trey tour posters from this summer are back on the Dry Goods web site at $30 each with a limit of two per household.

9-15-01  In yesterday's phone call with Mr. Pollock, I also gleaned a few more facts about some of his prints. 

As I reported previously, even Jim does not know exactly how many of each of the six different prints were made for The Big Top Series.    Of course, all of the prints he makes these days are meticulously printed, signed, and numbered, but at that time things were more relaxed.  There was also a second printing of this series, which are the ones dated 2000.  As far as we both can tell, no more than 150 of any one print was made, though his web site says x/200.  Of all of the first printings, Jim recalls that the Ringmaster and Making Money were the most popular prints in this series, which was printed for interested attendees at The Clifford Ball.  The implication here is that more of these two were printed, making the other four first editions a bit harder to come by. 

We also talked about what he does with the printing plates after a run has been completed.  Unfortunately we won't be seeing any second printings of any recent pieces, as all of the plates for his numbered prints get destroyed.

Regarding his artwork for the recent Live Phish CD series, the original was done in pen and ink, and then sent to the band for reproduction by Jager, DiPaolo and Kemp.  Jim says that if you line up the CD covers in order, and then take one end and place it on the other end, you will get a different image.  In other words, the image is actually circular.

Over on the Phish Poster Trader's Post, a member wrote that he expected to see a few more Europe '96 prints come into circulation based on new information from Jim's web site.   In a previous conversation I had with Jim, I was told in no uncertain terms that only three of these were made as artist proofs, because the original artwork was made for a T-shirt.  All three have since surfaced, the last one the one on ebay.  I would love to be proven wrong, however.

My personal estimates of how many prints were done of his earlier pieces follows:

Great Went Robots (70-90) - I've heard of pieces having numbers in the '90s, though these were also being made at The Went and one of the last pieces sold on the last day of the event was numbered in the 50s.

Went Walking Phish (20-25) - This number could be much, much lower. For a long time, this piece was speculated as never even having been sold. Since then, I have heard of only two being in the hands of collectors.

Europe '96 (3) one says"Europe '96 at the bottom, which was printed using an additional separate plate.  The other two do not have this.  I would love to be proven wrong  on this point, however.

White Tape (110-115) - Jim stated to me that a few more than the original 100 were printed, in case Rollingstone.com had some destroyed while being shipped to the contest winners.

UIC '98 (100) There may also be proofs of this out there, but I have never heard of any.

9-14-01  I received an email from Jim Pollock this morning, and then talked to him on the phone later.  He wanted me to reprint the email below:

Hey Terry,

This is Jim Pollock. Hope all is well. I've taken down my new print page
for a while. Though I still feel strongly about the statement the print
makes, I am concerned the image might be misconstrued in light of recent
events. I love my country and only hoped that policy might change. I don't
mean to impose, but is there any way I can share this background info about
the print on your site, which reaches so many people?

Thanks much,

While art is subject to the expressions of it's creator, it also subject to the interpretations of it's patrons.  On the phone, Jim expressed his opinion that the timing was "terrible" for the release of this piece, with it's image of an angry Uncle Sam. I feel differently and feel that the timing was actually perfect, being just a few days before the recent tragedies.  Perhaps when all of this is over, we'll get to see a Pollock image of the old battle-worn symbol of American patriotism with a smile on his face. 

9-13-01 Another limited edition Pollock Phish print is now
available for pre-order at Phish Dry Goods. This piece contains the artwork Jim did for the recent set of live CDs that were released.   

9-6-01  A new Pollock print is available for sale.  See the details on the new "I Want More" print at http://www.pollockprints.com/new.html.   Besides listing this new piece, and moving to a new domain name, Jim has expanded his gallery of print images to include the complete set of 1999 and 2000 Phish posters, plus the first two hemp posters.  A more complete image set of his "Big Top" series is also included with images of the "Humpty Dumpty" print and the "Making Money" print being added.

This past summer has seen the prices of '99 prints moving closer to the prices of the 2000's when it comes to Pollock Phish prints.  The main exception is the Atlanta '99 which could be had yesterday for about $1300 on the private market, and which remains extremely difficult to find.  A Hampton '99 print recently sold on Ebay for $685, well off it's high of over $1000 earlier this year.  In the meantime, the Polaris print is finally getting the respect it deserves with one recently being sold for $425, the same price as a Hartford which sold at the same time.

Also, on Ebay, a cache of "Highway" posters from 1990 are being offered by someone who says he is connected with the band's early record company.  Besides this set, very few of these circulate in mint condition, with many having staple holes in the corners.  They have been going for around $80- $120 each, which seems pretty reasonable to me.

A few White Tape prints have been also circulating.  They have been fetching   up to $1250-$1800 each in cash and trades.  Many of the recent finds were picked up from RollingStone.com staffers, some which had more than one.  I suspect that quite a few were never claimed, and were offered to staffers as a perk.

In a private sale, a set of all 6 Circus prints went for $1300.  These are not that hard to find if you know where to look.  

5-9-01  I fiinally got tired of hearing the following rumor repeated ad nauseum, so once and for all, here is the story about the supposed "thin" Emek.  I hate to say it, but I could be considered responsible for this rumor based on my column from 1-17-01 and I quote:

"The Emek poster from 1995 has been getting a lot of attention over on Poster People.  What has not been mentioned is that this poster is printed on very thin paper, and does not "hang" very well in a frame.  Also, the slightest bit of handling is capable of putting creases in the paper.  While I would consider my copy to be mint/near mint, it was rolled at one time, and the creases from the rolling can still be seen under close inspection."

I have talked to several knowledgeable collectors who also own the version that I was referring to above, and there is no possible way they are fakes.   I acquired mine (the one I used to make my observations) in late 1999, way before the interest in collecting Phish posters exploded.  It has the characteristic pencil drawing at the bottom, and is also hand-signed in pencil.  The printing on this piece is immaculate as well.  One would expect to see smudging on a reprint that wasn't printed off the original plates.   This poster is definitely on thinner paper than the Pollock prints we know and love, hence the reference to "thin paper".  

While we are on the subject of fakes, I know of only a few known fakes, and a couple more suspected ones.  If anyone has information to the contrary, I would like to hear about it.  Email me at terry@tbook.com.

1. Halloween '94 with reference to the band covering the White Album.
2. Middlebury, CT 1990. 

Both of these appear to be made up after the event using stock lettering, and stock photos.  Many of the dealers I have found selling these pieces also sell posters for other events that are done in the same "bang 'em out quick" style, using the same lettering. 

1. Jones Beach '94 on glossy white paper.  This is either the worst poster ever made, or it is a bad reprint of a possibly legitimate poster.  Everything about this piece looks wrong.  The image doesn't fit the paper (it is too small), it is often found printed cock-eyed, and the smudging on the text looks like it may have been run off on a copier a few times then reprinted.  I could be wrong here, but I have serious doubts about this one.

2. Any poster printed on colored or white copier paper is suspect.  Many are known to be real, but be very careful here folks.  Anyone with a acess to a copier could bang out prints that could be very hard to tell from originals.

1. Trey 2001 Winter Tour Poster.  This one is labelled at the bottom "2nd Edition".

4-26-01  Back from vacation in Florida, I arrive at my office to find several packages on my desk.  One of the packages was a flimsy tube, which looked like it was run over by a truck.  Unfortunately it contained a rare, formerly mint, '92 piece.  Good thing we had it insured for $400.  The multiple creases and wrinkles of varying severity definitely lower the value of this piece, though it can possibly be repaired. Did I mention it was insured?  Good, because shipping rare and valuable posters without insurance is not a very good idea, and this fact is worth mentioning again.

Another package which contained several rare prints (ouch!) arrived with a big crease across the center.  This one was shipped flat inside a flattened box.  The crease ran right across one of the folds of the cardboard box.  

I have also heard about several other traders who have received posters that were damaged in transit.  From now on, I am going to insist on double wrapped packaging, which is basically a tube or box (for flat posters) inside another box. This box is then filled with stuffing like newspaper, recycled peanuts, or the like.   In the next few weeks I am going to try and find some good online sources for heavy duty tubes and flat boxes.

4-17-01  Check out the newly revived Closed Auctions column, which has been recently updated by Steven Vickner.  Thanks Steve!

4-05-01  The new Hemp #2 piece is in hand, and it is absolutely stunning.  While not a  Phish poster, I predict it will become an instant classic, much like the White Tape print, Pollock's only other 3 color linoleum cut print. 

4-03-01  Keep your eyes peeled for another Hemp poster from our favorite Phish Poster artist,  Jim Pollock.  According to Jim, it is already in the works, but still in preliminary stages.

According to a recent telephone conversation I had with Jim, it takes about two months to complete a limited edition print, which breaks out to about 5-6 weeks for the design and cutting of the limoleum plates, and 2-3 weeks for hand-printing.

As far as doing posters for other bands, Jim says he is going to stick to Phish for now, but is interested in doing poster prints for opera shows.  He also remains intensely committed to environmental causes, and may do pieces in the future related to that.   

4-1-01  As March went out like a lion (It snowed here this morning), a few new items have been added to the archive.  The UCSB '94 poster is reportedly from a small run that could be as low as 10 or as many as 25.  While I have seen the image of the Lemonwheel postcard by Pollock, I was a bit surprised to see that the large Lemonwheel Scroll has a different image on the reverse side than the small version.  Can anyone shed any light on who the artist was for this piece?   Please send email to terry@tbook.com if you have more information or if you have other information to share.  BTW, this email address was down for a while, but is now confirmed working.   

3-27-01  It has been a while since I have been able to write this column.  My apologies, but not much has been going on to report, and life has been taking up more of my time lately.  I do have several new columns in the works, all written by people other than myself. Hopefully we will be able to get the first installments published soon.

In other news, approximately 24 Kabuki prints went back on sale at Dry Goods.  These were originally set aside for friends and family, and ended up being extras.  Alas, they sold out within hours of being made available.   Speaking of sold out posters, the Hemp Industries Association poster by Pollock took only 3 days to sell out.  Both colors of the Trey Tour 2001 2nd printings, are still available, however.

3-13-01  A new Pollock piece is now available from the Hemp Industries Association. A limited edition of 450, it is only the second three color linoleum print that Jim has released.  The $60 price includes shipping as well as your donation to the HIA, one of several organizations Jim is helping to support these days.

Speaking of three color linoleum prints, I talked to Mr. Pollock earlier today on the phone and was able to ask him a few questions.  Among other things, I learned that there were actually 110 White Tape posters done (not counting artist proofs), with the band getting 10, and exactly 100 being sent to Rollingstone.com.

3-7-01  The first edition of Trey Tour posters is sold out, and a second printing has become available at the shows later in the tour.  The second edition printing says "2nd Edition of 750" at the bottom. 

If any reader is interested in writing guest columns or feature articles on Phish Poster collecting for this website, please send me an email.  I would like to be able to update this site more often, and could use the help.

2-23-01  A new Trey tour poster (available in both green and purple) for the Winter Tour 2001 is now available.  While I have heard rumors that this poster is sold out, a gentleman at Dry Goods stated that they were still available at the shows.  This may mean that they are allocating a certain number of posters to be sold at each show.  Can anyone on tour substantiate this? In any case feel free to click here for the image

2-20-01  We suffered a minor disk mirroring catastrophe.   Everything should be fixed within the next few days. 

2-13-01  A pair of the two different Great Went Pollocks, each with identical numbers has recently changed hands in a private transaction.  The selling price Went into the five figures.  The buyer received a pair in a condition that can only be described as immaculate with full and heavy ink in every color.

2-5-01  A fellow Phish fan and poster collector had some inside information on  the 1998 Europe Tour LE print and sent me the following email.   Thanks LD!
"I have been meaning to write you about this for some time, I see you have the 1998 Phish European Tour poster displayed on your archive site but the artist is only listed as "SAC". Most likely, you used the only information available from the poster itself, and unfortunately only the artist's initials are displayed. In any event, the artist who drew the poster is named Scott Campbell and he resides in Burlington, Vermont. He has done quite a bit of work for Phish Dry Goods over the years, including t-shirt designs and Schvice layouts (the Fall '97 tour schedule page for instance)..."   

2-4-01 A previously unknown poster blank from Europe Tour 1996 is out on Ebay.  This piece was supposedly killed at the last minute before it went to press, and was never used. The copy on Ebay is one of only 5 known copies, all of which are marked AP/1 which presumably stands for Artists Proof #1.  These posters were found in the archives of a large printing company in New York.  Exactly why this piece was killed is unknown.  Perhaps someday, someone out there will fill us in on the details.

The Archive has now been completely overhauled to ensure faster page loading.  You may now click on any image and a higher resolution copy will be displayed. 

1-27-01  The set of three Phish postcards by Jim Pollock are now in the 2000 archive.  There is a Happy Birthday card, a Congratulations card, and an All Purpose card  While small in size, they pack some beautiful four color imagery, and are printed on thick glossy postcard stock.   They appear to be used by Dry Goods and the band as stationery and occasion cards, and unfortunately, are not available for purchase.  Perhaps next time the "powers that be" will print up a few extra sets, and make them available to everyone. 

Much thanks to fans who have recently emailed images for the archive.  I still have a backlog of about 12 images to put up.  Also, thanks to kind folks who have placed orders for Phish, Grateful Dead, and other music items through our sponsor, Tbook.com.   As is our policy, 10% of the commissions from those orders will be donated to charity. 

1-21-01  I have been going through photos that people have sent me over the last 18 months and ran across this Clifford Ball Playing Card poster by MET.   I need a better (read "flatter") image of this poster for the archive.   Also, can anyone add any more information about this piece?  What is the size, type of paper, artist, etc.

Recently I have run across a few people who have large collections of posters from the early days of the band.  To assist these folks, and anyone else who has images to contribute, I have written the following instructions on how how to take pictures for the archive.

Taking pictures of your rare posters for the Archive.
The easiest way to take a picture of a poster with a digital camera is to find a room that is well lit with daylight.  Place the poster on the floor.   If is is rolled up, try using a stack of magazines to hold the edges down.  Then stand above the poster, with the camera lens directly over the center.  If you have viewfinder you can use it to try and get the image to be "square" in all corners.   While you are set up this way, it is wise to take at least 4 or 5 shots, so you can pick the clearest and "squarest" image from those.  You may also want to try taking photos with and without flash. Once you have a good "raw" shot, you can either trim it, or leave that up to me.  When done send your images to terry@tbook.com.  All of us will be grateful for your efforts.

1-20-01  A number of new high res images have been added to the photo section of the Phish Poster Traders Post.  These images average around 200K vs the 35K that images in the standard archive offer.  I will keep adding them until we run out of disk space which will probaby be soon since 5 MB is all that Yahoo gives us.   I may have to remove some photos uploaded by other people to make room for more. 

1-17-01  The Emek poster from 1995 has been getting a lot of attention over on Poster People.  What has not been mentioned is that this poster is printed on very thin paper, and does not "hang" very well in a frame.  Also, the slightest bit of handling is capable of putting creases in the paper.  While I would consider my copy to be mint/near mint, it was rolled at one time, and the creases from the rolling can still be seen under close inspection.   The image however is truly stunning, making this poster well worth the investment.

There is now a "Fan Art" folder in the Photo section of the Phish Poster Traders Post.  Feel free to post images of your original artwork in this section for all to enjoy.   People who have previously sent me original artwork images need to upload them to this folder. 

Speaking of fan art, several fan artists have been badgering me to mention their artwork in this space.  Of those, Ryan K.'s psychedelic image of Trey and Phil Urso's Phunky Posters are my favorites. 

Mr. Urso plans on doing a series of prints, each based on a different Phish song.  These prints are originally hand-drawn in black marker, then scanned into a computer.  Phil then colors these prints via software, and prints them on a high-end color printer.  His current print runs are x/100.

While some fan art "tour" posters have become highly collectible, the most desirable were done in very small print runs.  Besides their relative scarcity, their association with a particular show results in additional demand from people who attended that show.  One caveat: As with all art, collectors should acquire fan art because they like the artwork, not because of future value potential.

1-14-00  Several good suggestions have come in from folks regarding poster trading.  One trader prefers Fed Ex for shipping, and claims to have never had a problem.  Another recommends using PVC pipe to ship posters in.  Thanks for both of those excellent suggestions. 

I am seriously behind in getting the archive updated with the latest images. 

1-9-01  There have been a few disputes between traders recently, and in an effort to minimize these types of problems, I have put together a set of guidelines so that everyone may enjoy safe and kind poster trading.

Hints for Kind Poster Traders

1) Talk on the phone if possible with the other party before consummating a trade.  Both you and your trading partner will feel more comfortable about the trade after you have spoken with each other.  Trust me on this one. 

2) Always insure posters for their full value when shipping them.   The lack of insurance is by far the number one cause of unresolved problems and bad feelings between traders.  Problems happen, but insurance covers it.  Problem solved.  FYI, I have had problems with both UPS and USPS, but still feel more comfortable shipping via UPS.  

3) Use a sturdy tube or box to ship valuable posters.  If anyone has recommendations on where to get heavy duty poster tubes, I would love to hear about it.  The triangular boxes seem to work pretty well, but valuable posters should be placed inside a tube, and then into a box.  Many of the Pollock Vote Hemp posters have damaged edges because they were shipped in triangular boxes without benefit of a tube.

4) Make sure to get the following information about your trade:
    a. Complete descriptions of eaxh poster being traded including any defects. Defects can include water spots, rips, surface tears, creases, ultraviolet (UV) damage or discoloration, pin holes, tape residue, etc.   
    b. Method of shipment  (UPS Ground, Priority Mail, etc).
    c. The value in an (agreed upon currency) that the shipment will be insured for.
    d. The date that each party will ship their posters. If you should happen to miss your ship date, it is only common courtesy to inform your trading partner ASAP.

5) Once a trade has been agreed upon, stick to it, regardless of who you might later think got the best of the deal.  Reneging on a previously agreed upon trade is just plain awful.  We all know better right?

6) Keep your shipping records in case a package gets lost.   Otherwise, you may end up using cash to defend your reputation as a Kind Trader, should a problem arise.

7) Though the above guidelines can help eliminate most problems, the few remaining ones are best solved by splitting the loss between both parties.   This worked in the time of Solomon, and continues to work today in the year 14 AP (After Phish). 

If you have further suggestions for traders, please post them on Poster People.

12-31-00 Predictions and hopes for the new Millenium: 

1) I predict that prices for '99 and earlier Pollocks will remain strong.  Witness the recent price action on a Deer Creek '99 which is getting ready to close on Bay at a price in excess of $1200.  Prices for other Phish pieces will soften up, and then become firmer when the band goes back on tour.

2) I predict that Phish Poster collecting will continue to be invaded by speculators who are in it mostly for the profit.  Speculators posing as collectors are not only buying and selling, they are also "flipping" posters.   This means that they will trade/sell any poster in their inventory if they can get the better end of the deal.  Let us hope that they move onto Pokemon, Digimon, or Britney Spears collectibles soon.

3) The band will take a year and a half off, chill out, record some studio stuff, play in some side projects, then reunite for a Spring Tour in 2002.  

4) Finally, I pray that kindness and good karma will follow each and every one of us in our spiritual and life quests as well as our hobbies.  Have a great Millenium!

12-10-00  Two previously unreported Pollock postcards have popped up.  Thanks to Doug over at Poster People for the image of the Big Cypress card.  The other piece appears to be postcard type stationary that the band used for responding to fan mail.  I should have an image of this second piece up shortly.

12-6-00  As many of you know, I have ranted before about the Halloween '95 poster by Pollock, but it seems I have just scratched the surface on this piece.  The other night, a friend and I saturated this poster with light from a very strong flashlight, and were amazed at what we saw.  I had previously thought this piece had just minimal glow-in-the-dark properties, but it turns out there is much more.   While this may not be news to folks who own this poster, it turns out that the outlines and teeth of all of the fish, the oultine of the man running away, the Phish logo on his shirt, and all of the bubbles, as well as the words Halloween '95 are either outlined, or done in glow-in-the dark paint.  The outlines appear to be a shiny gray when looked at in daylight, but in the darkeness, they truly come alive.  This means this hand-pulled print has 5 colors total.  All I can say is WOW!

Besides the Phish Poster Traders Post site on Yahoo, there is also a Phish Poster discussion group that Doug Loeb has set up.  Please use this site to discuss Phish posters, rather than the Traders Post which is for listing Phsih Posters for trade.   

11-29-00  Several people have asked my opinion of posters that have been "dry-mounted".  This mounting method typically involves glueing the poster to a stiff cardboard or foam-core backing. For the record,  I do not recommend this process. Instead, frame your posters behind UV-proof glass using museum-quality mounts and acid-free paper.  

11-23-00  - Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  One collector is saying special thanks today for scoring a rare 11" x 17" poster advertising the May 11 and 12th shows at The Front in Burlington, VA. This one is also signed by the artist "Sandman".

11-17-00  Some bear market bargains:  A set of the 3 Arminski posters at $530.99.  The Ann Arbor print alone was a $500 poster not too long ago.  A Clifford Ball '96 authorized print sits at $61.00.  A Polaris 2000 by Pollock is at $172.50.  A Paris '97 LE print is at $150.  If it stays that low, you might see me bidding on it for trade bait.

11-16-00  A UIC '98 by Pollock went for $2800, beating its old record of $2650.  This comes amid signs that the cash market for Phish Posters is in a slight short-term decline.  Indeed Shoreline 2000s are now going for less than $400 based on recent prices, and Europe '97s are finding no takers at $350.  Even a Gorge '99 closed without a bid, having failed to attract any bidders willing to cough up the $600 opening bid.  A Phish Power also failed to generate its opening bid of $1250.

The Traders Post page has been permanently moved.  Click here for the new version.   My apologies, but it became impossible to manage.   I think everyone will be happier though since they won't have to rely on me updating the page manually.   That process was taking up to two weeks (or worse).

Our Phish Store is now being updated daily.   Check it out for all the Phish CDs and books you need for the upcoming holidays.   For some good holiday reading, check out The Phish Companion: A Guide to the Band and their Music, by The Mockingbird Foundation.   Mine has not arrived yet, and I'll be curious to see if there is any images and/or discussions of Phish posters in the book. 

For hardcore Phish information junkies, there is also Run Like an Antelope : On the Road With Phish by Sean Gibbon.  This one just became available for preorder at Amazon.com, but won't ship until Feb. 2001. 

11-11-00  Someone scored a mint Halloween '95 on Ebay for just $815, a very nice deal compared with the $1200+ this poster was going for just a few months ago.  While even Mr. Pollock isn't sure of the exact number made, I would guess he made somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 - 350.  I recenly had the opportunity to compare two of these posters, and it is obvious they were hand-pulled.   The 4 colors used on this print overlapped differently on the two different copies.   It is still the only true Glow-in the-dark Phish poster.

A rare Artist Proof of the Europe '96 Pollock piece has surfaced.   It is very similar to the LE version except it says "Phish Europe '96" in heavy black stylistic print.  There are rumored to only be 3 copies of this proof in existence.  This image will be available on the archive shortly.

11-9-00  There is a new Shoreline 2000 poster that can be pre-ordered from Dry Goods.  It is the same image as the Shoreline 2000 Pollock poster, but it appears to be a non-limited edition, 4 color version, printed on glossy poster stock.  

More copies of the Vote Hemp poster by Pollock have gone on sale at Votehemp.com.   From what I understand, these are additional copies out of the limited edition of 600, not  a reprint.

11-5-00  I am also experimenting with a new format for the Archive pages.  You will notice that the images for the Year 2000 page are somewhat blurry now.  They have been shrunk down so that they will load faster.  If you click on one of the images, you will get the high resolution version of the image. 

I have put a prototype replacement for Trader's Post up on Yahoo.com Clubs.  Because it is an automated system, it will relieve some of the burden of maintaining this site.  Please take a look and let me know what you think.

11-4-00  Here is the final image of the Lakefront Arena '99 poster

10-29-00  Prices for Pollock pieces have been flat for the last month or so, but many of the best pieces never make it to Ebay.  Here are a few private  transactions I have heard of recently:  A White Tape went for $1275 + Amsterdam '97 LE + Europe '98 LE + Udder Ball.  A UIC '98 went for $1750 + Atlanta '99 LE + Udder Ball.  A copy of the recently discovered 9/26/99 poster was traded even-up for a Pollock Allstate '00.  A Hampton '99 + $85 was traded away for 3 Polaris '00s.

10-27-00  Reports have come in regarding a multi-color poster that was made for the 9/26/99 show in New Orleans.  I hope to have an image up shortly.  Word has it that these were never used to promote the show for some reason, and most were later destroyed. 

10-25-00  Here is the email and the first interview of Jim Pollock in it's entirety.

October 24, 2000 7:17 PM
Hey Terry,

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. I want to first thank you for your great website! It definitely helps me see what's happening with my work, I appreciate it so much. This is the first interview I think I've ever done and it is my honor to be highlighted on your site. Let me know if there is anything else you need. You have been a huge help.

Thanks again,

Jim Pollock

How did you get started making posters, and who were your early artistic influences?

I have always been a fan of the rock poster art. Growing up in West Chester,
Pennsylvania I looked at a lot of R. Kelly, Mouse and other Haight Asbury
artists. I used to buy reprinted underground comics from the sixties and seventies as well. When I started studying art in college my tastes broadened and I drew
inspiration from a multitude of graphic and fine artists over many centuries. I am presently looking at Russian graphic art from the pre- and post soviet era, Nineteenth Century Japanese woodblock prints and Nineteenth Century European lithographic posters. The artists I look at vary from Albrecht Durer (a fifteenth century printmaker), to Josť Posada (a nineteenth century Mexican graphic artist). Libraries are a great resource for finding the work of these artists and others.

Do you remember which was the first poster you ever did for Phish?

The first limited edition poster I did was the Halloween 1995 poster. I read
that this was one of your favorites, Terry. I'm not sure how many were made
in total. I was very happy with how that poster came out and I was really
excited to use glow-in-the-dark ink in the design! The poster is a four-color silk screen of hand separations I drew. It is hard to keep track of all the posters I have done for Phish over the years, but I would guess it would be around twenty. The t-shirts I have designed for Phish are my crowning achievement. I think I've done between thirty and forty t-shirt designs and they really show a progression of my work to where it is today.

I got into printmaking by accident. My wife was taking a class, "Methods of
Teaching Art," for her education degree and she had to do a linoleum print.
I thought it looked fun and so I picked up an extra block to cut and I
really have not stopped since. My present work doing linoleum
print posters is very rewarding.

What was it like making posters for Phish in the early days?

In the beginning, the band was so small that I would see them play in bars
with only ten or twenty people in the audience. (They were still great, by
the way.) They were my friends, we went to school together. The early posters from the late 1980's, which can be seen at Mike Rowe's poster gallery
), were just little pictures I would draw for Trey or Fish. They would layout the text for the concert and make a bunch of Xerox copies to put around Burlington. They were fun to do, but I never considered them posters. To me, a poster involves laying out visual imagery and information. That's part of the process. In the beginning, I was basically drawing pictures. Phish has always given me a lot of freedom in terms of design, even we they got big. I've always appreciated that.

Which is your favorite poster of all you have created?

It's sort of love-hate with my posters. I like looking at them after some
time has passed. I won't be able to look at another "Shoreline" poster for
a while. You get sick of looking at them after you have printed so many. One
of my favorites is the "Great Went" linoleum print poster of the robot guy
coming through the brush. I knew I always wanted to go larger with my
prints, and that was the first larger print I did. I also love the "UIC Pavilion"
poster, with a rooster on stage holding a fish.

Do you ever make posters for events besides Phish shows?

Right now I have another limited edition poster available on the web at
"VoteHemp.com" (http://www.votehemp.com/votehemp/contribute.html). The
poster was commissioned by the Hemp Industries Association (HIA). The HIA seeks changes in government policies to encourage global production of Hemp as a raw material for industry. Folks who make a $46 donation to this organization will receive one of 600 pieces of pro-hemp propoganda, while supplies last. The two-color poster is printed on hemp-content, tree-free paper.

I have done linoleum print artwork outside of Phish that involves the same process, but on a smaller scale. For instance, early on I did a "Humpty Dumpty" (http://pages.ripco.net/~franx/humpty.html) print that was popular
with children. Soon after, I did a series of circus prints: tiger
(http://pages.ripco.net/~franx/tiger.html), ringmaster
(http://pages.ripco.net/~franx/ringmaster.html), horse
(http://pages.ripco.net/~franx/horse.html) and clown
(http://pages.ripco.net/~franx/clown.html). Many of these were hand-printed
at "The Clifford Ball" as part of a demonstration. One of my own personal
favorites is an industrial-style print of a man welding a dollar sign (http://pages.ripco.net/~franx/money.html). I enjoyed doing political cartoons in college, I guess this print is in that vein.

How does the "linoleum cut" printing process work?

First I make a prototype of the poster on paper. Then I place the design on
a light table and I trace the design in reverse using a pencil (this is mostly important when dealing with text). I turn the image on to a linoleum block and trace the image a third time, the graphite of the pencil transferring on to the linoleum. This is my guide to begin cutting.

With my posters, I work relatively big for the medium, carving 1' x 2'
blocks of linoleum using Speedball cutting tools. I just dig out where I don't want the ink to be and the raised areas become the image. I usually deal with two-color designs, so two different blocks must be carved. When doing a 600 run, I actually do 1200 prints, because of the two colors needed.

When the blocks are finished being carved it's time to start printing.
During the printing process I use a basic paper guide which aligns the paper
correctly, so the different color blocks line up. I print with water-based
inks on all cotton, acid-free paper. I hand-ink the plates and print the image
using an old iron hand press, which has a big thing like a steering wheel at
the top that I crank to make it happen. I never know exactly how the poster
will look until the first one is printed. It's exciting when I peel away
that first poster from the plate! Each print is done by hand, I never let
anyone else do it, which drives my wife crazy. She calls me the
"welterweight printing champion of the world," among other names. The
process requires lots of time, strength and calluses...it's a great work
out! I let the prints dry on a line with laundry pins.

Any comments to pass along to fans?

The thought of people out there enjoying my artwork is my inspiration, so I
thank you for enjoying it! It has always been a pleasure to do artwork over
these years, and I truly appreciate all the support I have received. I hope
to keep creating artwork that is worthy of the audience I have been so
blessed to have, and that anyone who has a piece of my artwork feels some of
the fun that has gone into creating it.

I hear a lot from fans who are artists themselves, and they ask me for
advice or feedback on their artwork. I am flattered by these requests, but
I never know what to say. You just have to do your thing, see the world
through your own eyes. Nobody else can tell you how to see it, or exactly
how to do it. Every time, it's a new invention. That's what makes art so


10-24-00  Large quantities of interesting material is moving on Ebay and in private sales.  A few copies of a limited release poster from Lakewood Amphthese days, with prices going up 10-50% for certain extremely rare Pollocks.  A few are being traded out for multiple posters as well. 

10-20-00  Once again there is a large backlog of Traders Post requests to process.  Before I do the update, I want everyone to look at the new Traders Post rules, which hopefully will help eliminate some of the problems everyone has been running into.  I am interested in making Traders Post a better, safer way to trade Phish Posters, so if you disagree with any of these new rules or have suggestions, please send me an email.  

10-17-00  I have gotten several reports in the last few weeks of people who have bailed out of previously agreed to trades.  This is totally against the spirit of Phish, in my opinion.  We all need to be a little more trustworthy to each other, even to those people you have never met in person.  If you agree to a trade, it is my opinion that you should follow through on it.  While you may have "Traders Remorse" after the agreement is consummated, a deal is a deal.   If we can't treat each other with the simple courtesies we all deserve, then I fear the worst is yet to come in our little neck of the collectible world.

I consider to be a "previously agreed to trade" a situation where someone offers a trade to the other person, and then the second person accepts that offer.  For example, if I send you an email offering you two Hartfords for one Shoreline, and then you send me an email back saying "Yes, I accept that trade", then in my opnion, a trade was agreed to.  If someone else comes along afterwards and offers three Hartfords for the Shoreline, it is not OK to back out of the first trade, and go with the latter.  This should be fairly obvious, but it bears repeating.  Everyone needs to realize that if behavior like this is accepted in our community, we all lose, because what goes around, comes around.  

10-13-00  Friday the 13th and poster craziness runs rampant.   Some Shoreline '00s are/were up on Ebay, with the first one going for $600, and subsequent ones coming in as low as $435 for the last one.  A quick call into Dry Goods to order some Vegas posters turned into an interesting conversation with one of the Dry Goods people.   It appears that some people in the Phish organization are not too happy about the fact that Pollock LE prints are selling for large sums on Ebay and elsewhere.  

The easiest way to eliminate a majority of Phish Poster auctions on Ebay is to allow people to purchase only one at the show.  Mark the wrist of all purchasers so they can't go to another booth and get a second.  Any leftovers (don't get up your hopes) should be sold through Dry Goods on a lottery basis, again one entry per person, who if they win, are allowed to purchase one poster.  Except for the last part, this was the system that was used with the Hampton '99 poster, which rarely comes up for auction.  It is mostly the duplicates that end up on Ebay.

10-12-00  Trader's Post is going crazy these days with trade offers, and I haven't had time to work through them all.  Bear with me and I'll try and get everything updated by Saturday provided that life doesn't get in the way.   In the meantime, Traders could help by clicking on our banner sponsors every now and then.

10-9-00  A Pollock Phish Power went for $1502.50 on Ebay.   A reader wrote me a few days ago saying that he has a receipt for his purchase of this poster that is dated 1997.  Is anyone else out there able to verify this?   I have this poster in the 1995 section presently.

Speaking of errors and omissions, does anyone have an image of the poster that Jim Pollock did at the Clifford Ball?  Rumor has it that there was a piece available that was a caricature of all 4 band member's faces.  Please email me if you have any information to share about this poster.

10-8-00  When new or improved images are added to the archive, they will now be shown in the upper right part of this page.  If you click on an image, a larger version will appear.

The new Shoreline Pollock image is up. 

10-7-00  A LE Pollock poster for the Shoreline shows was made available last night.  This poster supposedly sold out well before the band went on.  A source tells me "It is a blue and black 2 color piece in a western style with a horseback sheriff dangling a fish off a rope in front of this horses face. The script is in a western font for the word PHISH (at top) and plain lettering below with SHORELINE and then mountain view, CA below.  The dates are nicely placed into a sheriffs star (top left) OCT. 6 & 7, 2000."  This poster is a a limited edition run of 600. 

A non-limited poster also came out for the recent Vegas shows.  It is currently available from Phish Dry Goods.

On Trader's Post, a bid for $2k a piece went up for the two Pollock pieces from the Great Went.  A White Tape poster also came up with an ask price of $1200. 

10/1/00  The winners of the "Win a Poster" Contest are in. <drumroll>  The winner of the Pittsburgh '95 handbill by Arminski is T. Scharff.  The winner of the Fillmore '98 poster is B. Clunan.  Because we had such a great turnout of images, I added three more prizes, with AJ Masthay, J. Nason, and C. Long winning a rare Dave and Tim handbill by Arminski.  This is one of the two "lawsuit pieces" Arminksi did for DMB.  Winners need to send me an email with a US mailing address, NO PO boxes please as some prizes may ship out UPS.

In other news, eight more images were added to the archive, and I still have a few more to put in.  A pair of tasty Europe '96 posters were among the images added to the 1996 Archive.

9/29/00  Due to problems accessing my email remotely, I am about two weeks behind in processing Trader's Post requests.  I will try and update this section this weekend. 

Quite a few Phish posters have been sold on ebay recently. A Halloween '95 closed at $1325. An Oysterhead went for $202.50, while two Maple Syrup '95 posters closed at $96, and $122.50.   A pair of Emek Cleveland '95s went for $425, and $455 respectively.  A Prague '98 with minor damage went for $187.50.   I've still never seen a mint one, though I know of several that exist that are rip-free.  A Europe LE from '98 went for $203.50, and a 4/27/91 poster went for 260.   An Austin Music Hall '95 went for $255.  A Halloween '98 went for $500.   A set of the two Trey posters from '99 that included both the red and blue varieties went for $218.38.  Even the y2k posters from Pollock are moving, with a Polaris going for $250.  A Hartford '00 went for $257, while a number of the most recent Allstate Arena LE prints have closed at prices between $255 and $279.  

In a private transaction, a GAMH '91 with artwork by Pollock went for $400 even though it's shape could best be described as "rough".  The collection of Phish LE prints that I discuss in my 8/11/00 column finally closed at a price just north of $4000.  This was also a private transaction. 

9-24-00  A new LE poster by Pollock was released for the All State Arena (Rosemont Horizon) shows.  Please disregard my previous column as the information provided in it does not appear to be trustworthy. 

9-18-00  A source with "inside" connections says that limited edition Pollock prints will not be available at any fall tour shows.   However, there will be a mass production poster by Pollock available for the Las Vegas shows. 

9-17-00  The White Tape poster closed at $1525, while an Astron went for $254.  No word on posters from this fall tour.  Has anyone seen anything worth adding to the Archive?

Speaking of the Archive, our poster contest is scheduled to end on or about 9/30/00, so get your images in.  You can also enter by sending me an email with your name, age (you must be over 18)  and email address.  Also, you must be a US resident with a US mailing address (No PO Boxes, please as prizes will be shipped UPS).

9/11/00  A White Tape poster by Pollock is out on Ebay, and went practically immediately to $504.  An Oysterhead is at $123.50.  9-9-00  A reader informed me that the Deer Creek Pollock I talked about in my 9/6 column did hit its reserve and ended up closing at $530.   Sorry for the incorrect info.  Not much out on ebay these days, though a few Pollock Astron's have been showing up.  They went from $25 to $200 as soon as Dry Goods sold out of them.  In closed auctions, a '99 Hampton by Distante went for $151, while the Port Chester '91 ended up closing at $305.  Have a happy and safe fall tour everyone!  If you are so inclined you may want to pick up a few extras to trade of any posters you might find (even in the lots).  You can always trade them later.  

9-6-00  Speculation runs rampant over which fall tour shows will have Pollock posters.  Odds on favorites:  Rosemont, Las Vegas, and Shoreline.  Regarding Summer 2000 posters, the consensus seems to be that the Hartford Poster is harder to find, even though 600 of this one were made versus 500 for the Polaris poster. In Ebay news, the UIC poster did not hit reserve.   Neither did the Deer Creek '99.  The Highway Tour poster closed at $127.50.  This one should have been in the $200 range due to it's relative rarity.  There are probably fewer than 100 of these out there, though it is impossible to say for certain.  I've heard of /seen only 4 in my five years of collecting.  Does everyone have this one?

9-02-00  The UIC '98 poster closes today on Ebay, and with 24 bids on it, it still has not reached its reserve price. <flameproof vest> <rant> I've ranted before about reserve prices, so I'll keep it short, but I prefer to avoid them mainly because they waste the bidders' time.  If a seller wants $3000, why not start out with an opening bid of $3000?   Forget  the charade of trying to figure out what the reserve price is, especially if it is 3 or more times higher than the opening bid! </rant> </flameproof vest>

A Deer Creek '99 is at $420.  After 12 bids it has not reached reserve price after opening at $100.  A reserve price haunts a Florence, Italy '97 tour poster as well, which has yet to attract an opening bid of $75.   A 4/27/91 poster is at $111.  A Dayton '95 by Arminski is at $151. 

Remarkably, a "Highway" tour blank from '91 is only at $104.  While this copy is slightly damaged, this rare poster does not come up on the market very often.  I was offered one in trade recently that was taken off the wall at the 3/31/91 Berkeley Square, CA show. It had the venue and date written in, plus the typical staple holes in each corner.  FYI, the person doing the offering wanted quite a bit more than $200 in posters for his copy.  Another one closed on Ebay in January of this year for $234, but it had circa '91 autographs of all four band members.

8-28-00  Another UIC Pavillion poster '98,  #9/100 is at $1002 on Ebay, but has not reached its reserve price. A Deer Creek '99 by Pollock is at $405 and closes on 9/2.  A Polaris '00 is at $175.50 and closes in a few hours.   A rare "Highway" '91 Tour poster sits at $71 and closes on 9/6.  A Port Chester 4/27/91 poster is at $75.  

8-20-00  The Halloween  '95 closed at $1100 yesterday.   The winner is sure to enjoy this 4 color (including glow-in-the-dark) silk-screen Pollock print.  In fact, this is the only true glow-in-the-dark Phish show poster or print that I know of.  In case anyone cares, I have mine framed in a strategic spot at my house.  I was at the show, checked all of the Dry Goods tables at shows end, and was lucky enough to buy the last one they had for $15 (or maybe it was $10).   Unfortunately, it has a 1" surface tear in the upper left corner, which is why I have been looking for an upgrade.  

Many posters which have been available for a long time are now sold-out at Dry Goods.  Included in the sold-out list are Astron by Pollock, Fillmore '98, Shoreline '97, and Great Went #2. 

8-19-00  The Poster Archive reached the 100 mark today thanks to a kind collector who allowed me to photograph his collection of 8 different Distante prints. A Halloween '95 by Pollock appeared on Ebay, but has not hit reserve price, even though the current bid is $1010.  This rare 3 color silkscreen poster closes today.   A Gorge '99 by Distante recently closed at $76 also on Ebay.  A BGP '95 Maple Syrup Can poster closed at $132.50.  A White Tape poster by Pollock sold for $1000 in a recent private transaction. 

8-16-00  The poster collection I mentioned in my previous column did not attract it's reserve price.  Rumor has it that it will sell in a private transaction in the next few days for $4000.  The three other Pollocks were an Astron, Kabuki, and Polaris 2000.  The two "Other" posters included were the two Red and Blue Trey Solo Tour '99 posters plus the 4/20/99 Phil & Phriends that was signed by both Phil and the artist Michael Everett.  A Polaris 2000 closed on Ebay for $326 on 8/8.  The Emek from '95 went for $560.  A Japan tour mini handbill went for $76 on 8/13.  Tbook.com, which hosts this site was just moved to a dedicated ISDN line, so everything on the Poster Archive should feel a bit snappier.  To help us pay for our connection, feel free to buy stuff through our Amazon.com links.  

8-11-00  A single lot that includes a complete set of five of the 1999 show posters by Pollock, three other Phish Pollocks, plus three "Other" posters is out on Ebay.  Though it has attracted one bidder, (who bid $2000) it has not hit it's reserve.  A Polaris '00 has not attracted an opening $200 bid yet, but is just getting started.  An Arminski Pittsburgh '95 sits at $143.50 and closes 8/19.  There are also a few Distante '00 prints, each with a few days left to go.  Both are under $60.  A collector who wishes to remain anonymous at this point, has offered $1000 for a Pollock "White Tape" print.  Anyone looking to unload theirs?

8-9-00  It is interesting to note that the White Tape poster is a 3 color linoleum cut print.  This appears to be the first three color poster Jim Pollock has done using this process.  If you think his two color pieces are nice (and who doesn't?), wait until you see one of these.  This is a truly marvelous piece of artwork.  Good job, Jim!

8-8-00  Yesterday, I received my copy of the poster Jim Pollock did for Phish's The White Tape. This poster was commissioned by Emusic.com, and Rollingstone.com.  100 of these posters were given away as prizes to folks who sent in a 3" x 5" postcard or who purchased a copy of the White Tape on MP3 from either of the above entities.  This poster is destined to be another Pollock classic.  Click here to see a picture.

8-3-00  A UIC '98 by Pollock closed yesterday at $2650!   Was this a serendipitous opportunity to pick up a mint copy of this rare poster?  If this transaction is consummated, it would be only the third UIC I know of that changed hands. It would also set the all-time record highest amount paid for a Phish poster.   While the UIC is a rare x/100 print, the Halloween '95 print seems to be harder to find.  I've never seen or heard of a single one ever changing hands.  Anyone have extras of this one?

Some other recent Ebay sales include an Albany '99 which went for $449, with a second one closing 3 days later going for $499.  An Emek Cleveland '95 (yum) didn't find any takers three weeks ago with an opening bid of $399.  However, $420 must be the magic number because this poster then opened at that price and closed at $560, the most ever paid for an this poster.  Meanwhile a Halloween '98 went for $335, which is about what this poster was selling for a few months ago.  A Clifford Ball closed at $103.50. An Oysterhead went for $152.50.   A Warfield '94 went for $247.50

7-29-00 A UIC Pavillion '98 by Pollock is at $900 on Ebay with 5 days left to go.  One went in a private transaction a couple months ago for $700, which at the time was the previous record amount paid for a Phish poster.  There's also a slew of Hartford and Polaris '00 prints on Ebay as well.  Stuff seems to be coming out of the woodwork.  There's also a Halloween '98, a Warfield '94, two Albany '99s and even an Emek from '95.  Some of the latter are starting to look like real bargains given the prices being paid for Pollock pieces.   

7-24-00  I talked to someone today at Dry Goods.   According to her, there were only about 10 Hartford Posters that made it back from tour, and these were added to the band's archive.   In other words the Hartford 2000 Poster by Pollock is sold out. 

7-23-00  I have received a few letters and comments from people who were upset that the Polaris poster sold out in the first set.  FYI, the stories of people buying 50+ posters are true, as I have been in communication with one gentleman who said he purchased 35 and his girlfriend bought 20.  For what it's worth, this guy says he intends on trading most of these, not selling them.  In any case, it's hard to believe that Dry Goods personnel wouldn't apply the 3 poster limit at shows like they do with mail-order.  For this reason, I suspect that it was not Dry Goods personnel manning the booths at this show.   The sad part is that I am not sure Phish management can prevent (or want to prevent) this type of thing from happening at future shows.  These booths are set up to sell merchandise, and when merchandise doesn't sell out, they have to haul it back, count it, market it, etc.  Who can blame them for wanting to unload stuff as fast as they can, considering the fact that the Harrtford poster didn't even sell out.

In Ebay news, a Deer Creek '99 by Pollock went for $504 which is a new high-water mark for this poster.  A Gorge '99 went for $335, setting a new mark for this poster as well.  In the meantime, an Emek Cleveland '95 went unsold at $399.   While this may seem steep, the imagery and colors of this one are stunning.   This is perhaps my favorite Phish poster of all time.  Also on Ebay are a number of Hartford and Polaris prints for those who missed out at the shows.    

7-17-00  Polaris Amphitheatre fans were treated to the second and last of the Pollock posters for Summer tour.  I don't have an image of it yet, but will put one up as soon as someone sends me a scan or photo.  Unlike the poster for Hartford Meadows, this one reportedly sold out during the first set of the first nite!  Meanwhile a trader has offered one up for $275 on Trader's Post

On Ebay a few Pollocks, both new and old have appeared.  A Gorge '99 sits at $200.   An Atlanta '99 sits at $106.70.   Three Polaris '00 prints are up for bids at prices ranging from $98 to $102.50.     A Deer Creek '99 is at $399.  Also on Ebay, a rare Emek Cleveland '95 (one of my personal all time favs) sits at $399.

7-5-00  Lucky fans at the two Hartford shows were able to pick up as many Pollock posters commemorating the event as they wanted.  At $35 each there were plenty to go around.  Watch for leftovers to appear at Dry Goods after this tour is over.  Click here to see what this poster looks like. 

In other tour news, three different sources reported rumors they have heard that another Pollock print will be available at the Polaris Amphitheatre shows.

6-22-00  I hope everyone has fun on tour this summer.   Unfortunately, I won't be able to join you all. I'm hoping some kind soul out there in net-land could keep me in mind when they're buying posters on tour. I'd hate to miss out on any LE posters that pop up.  Please email me if you can help.

A new poster that commemorates the recent Japan tour on June 9-16, 2000 has popped up on Dry Goods.  

Phish Japan Tour Summer 2000 poster
Japan Tour Poster

Ebay has a few interesting items on it.  A mint Warfield '94 is at $112.50. A  Trey Tour '99 poster is at $110.50.  A signed Dayton '95 by Arminski is at $76.   Click here to check out the whole list.


6-5-00  Some big numbers are popping up on Ebay for some of the rarer posters out there.  The 4/17/91 poster closed at $417 on 6/2.  The only Atlanta '99 by Pollock I've ever seen go up for auction closed at $500 on 6/4.   The real eye opener  however, was the party who recently purchased a very rare (x/100) UIC '98 by Pollock for $700 in a private transaction.  There are a few other Pollock posters I suspect would go for just as much.  Anyone have any extra LE Halloween '95s?  How about the LE Great Went '97?

5-31-00  A bunch of exciting posters (some never before seen) have popped up on ebay.  A copy of my favorite poster, the Emek from 12/8/95 has yet to receive an opening bid of $150.  It closes on 6/10.  A rare poster from 4/27/91 is at $113.50 and closes on 6/2.  A poster from 4/5/98 Providence closes on 6/6.  A rare 11"x17" one color handbill from New Years '93-94 is at $26 and also closes on 6/6.  A rare multi-color poster from the recent Oysterhead shows has not received its opening bid of $99.  A rare poster fom the 1994 Michigan shows by Arminski (the rarest of the three he did) is at $177.51.  The most exciting poster, however, is the Atlanta '99 by Pollock, which is the first time this one has come up for auction on ebay.  It quickly ran up to $380, and still has a few days until it closes on 6/4.  My guess is that this one will go higher as it appears to be the hardest one to get of the 5 show posters done by Pollock in '99.

5-26-00 According to a kind gentleman from Dry Goods, there were several thousand RCMH posters available as of today. 

My apologies to Trader's Post users,  I haven't had a chance to update this page in a while.  I'll try and get to it this weekend. 

5-25-00  Radio City Music Hall posters are now on sale at Dry GoodsEvidently these were some pretty nice shows, the second night showcasing more of the new Farmhouse record.  Thanks to Eric L. for that tip. 

Phish Radio City Music Hall, 2000  poster
RCMH Poster

Ebay has a few interesting items on it.  A Gorge '99 is at $136.00. A  handbill from the upcoming Japan tour is at $33.  A very rare 11/16/94 & 11/18/94 signed by Arminski is $156.70.  A show bill from 4/27/91 is at $51.00. There are various other odds and ends out there now as well.  Click here to check out the whole list.


5/16/00 - The new Phish album Farmhouse was released today.   You can get your copy for $12.58 plus shipping through Amazon.com by clicking here.  

A new Jim Pollock poster is now available through Phish Dry Goods. "Astron" is a limited edition of 750 linoleum cut prints, hand pressed by the artist.  These are available for $25 plus shipping, and if you get your order in early, you will increase your chances of getting a low print number. 

Some never before seen 1991 and 1992 posters have come out on Ebay. All three are show bills for gigs in Port Chester, NY.  It's hard to tell whether these are "one of a kind" or if someone just found a stack of them somewhere.  There is also a Halloween '98 LE by Sutton out there that is still waiting for it's opening bid of $300.

5/3/00 - Well it's been a month since I've updated this site.   Work got a little too crazy, but enough excuses for now.  I talked with the folks at Dry Goods today, and they did not have any new posters at this time.  As far as posters for The '00 Radio City Music Hall shows, evidently there is one, and if they are not all sold out/used up at the show, then the remainder will be available through Dry Goods. 

It's been a slow month on ebay as well.  Prices seem to be drifting down a bit as more supply comes on the market.  This seems to be true for the Deer Creek by Pollock, as well as Pittsburgh '95s by Arminski.  Both have closed recently for substantially less than the amounts they closed at earlier in the year.   I have received a few more images for the archive, but have not had time to put them up yet.  Keep your eyes peeled.

4/2/00 - Legends Concert Posters has the Portland Meadows '98 poster for $15.  This is the same one that went for $90 the other day on Ebay.  They also have the full color Denver '98 for $15.  These are both tremendous bargains in my opinion.  They also have the Lemonwheel '98 small version for $45, and a few others.  A Shoreline '97 is at $50 on ebay and closes today.  A Phil Lesh & Friends (with Trey & Page) is at $122.50 and closes on 4/3.  A 1995 BGP "Maple Syrup" poster is at $81 and also closes on 4/3. 

Phish Dry Goods still has the LE Y2k poster, The LE 98-99 NYE poster, The Pollock Kabuki from 1999, the red Trey Acoustic & Electric poster from '99, and the NYE 2000 show poster.  They also have a few Fillmore '98s, some Great Went '97s, and the NYE 94/95. Who knows when they will ever sell out of this last one?

3/22/00 - Four different "lot style" posters by Distante have appeared on Ebay including two I've never seen before.  A Gorge '99 is at $18.50.  A NYE 2000 is at $26. A Hampton '99 is at $10, and a Shoreline '99 has yet to see its opening bid of $10.  Also up for bids is a very hard to find Halloween '98 by Sutton, though the opening bid of $375 may scare off a few potential bidders.  FYI, the last one auctioned off on ebay went for $330, hence the high opening bid.  It may also be a good time to pick up the relatively scarce pair of Arminski '95 posters (Dayton & Pittsburgh) as both are up for auction at current prices less than $200 each.  Also on the auction block at this time is an Albany '99 by Pollock.  A signed Phil Lesh & Friends from '99 (shows which featured Trey and Page) is at $181.70.  

3/18/00 - A couple of posters for the Phil Lesh & Friends Warfield '99 show featuring Trey and Page are out on Ebay.  An unsigned one is at $102.50 and closes on 3/20.   One signed by both Phil and Mike Everett, the artist, is at $181.70 and closes on 3/24.  I scoured the net for one of these a few months ago, and came up empty, but finally found a signed one just a few weeks ago for $150 from one of the online poster dealers.  Unfortunately, it was his last one.  This is a beautiful and highly recommended piece commemorating these very famous shows.  A few more Arminski '95 have surfaced as well.  A Dayton '95 is at $116.50 and closes on 3/23.  Another one is at $137.50 and closes 3/25.  A Pittsburgh '95 is at $105, and also closes on 3/25. 

3/7/00 - The rumored new poster from Pollock does not seem to be forthcoming.  I received my Doniac Schvice yesterday, and there was no mention of any new posters at all.  I guess thats why they call them rumors.

3/1/00 - There turns out to be a few more sources than just Ebay.com to pick up Phish posters.  Posterchild.com has 20-25 copies of the BGP "Phishin' Out West" signed poster available for $40.   They also have 40-50 of the Seattle/Portland '93 show bill for $15.  Concertposters.com has the Portland '98 "Temple of Fire" poster for $25, the Denver '98 "Car" poster for $25, and a Lemonwheel "small" version" for $45.  SFrockposters.com has a few Shoreline '99s and a few Denver "Car" posters for $30 each.  Their only BGP "Maple Syrup" '95 poster was sold the other day for $100.  As of this afternoon, Dry Goods had 122 red Trey "Tour '99" posters left, about 600 Y2K LE posters, about 2000 Y2K show posters, and 170 NYE '98/'99 posters.   They also have about 500 Fillmore '98s left.  The new Schvice is due out next week, but still no word on whether the rumored new Pollock poster will be in there.  

2/28/00 - Not too much happening on ebay, though a Deer Creek '99 closed the other day at $355.00, setting a record for 1999 posters sold at auction.   If we ever see an Atlanta '99 by Pollock go up, it is likely to see similar bids.   The Ann Arbor/E. Lansing '94 by Arminski closed at $370, down $130 from its last price.  Just goes to show, they can go down as well as up. 

Still no word on the new Pollock that is rumored to be coming available in the next issue of the Schvice. 

CRAZINESS - A few folks are paying too much for the two Y2k posters, both of which are still available at Dry Goods.  I am also still seeing a few bids for the (R) reprint of the poster that never existed for the free show on 9/16/90 at Wesleyan University. 

2/19/00 - A BGP "Maple Syrup poster from '95 closed at $125.50 last night.   Another one is at $86 and closes on 2/22.  An Albany '99 is at $102.50 and closes on 2/21.   LE Europe '98 is a t $86 and closes on 2/23.

2/14/00 - This whole web site has been overhauled, and 6 new posters added.  Thanks to Ian Smith for the Burgettstown '97 image and info.  Thanks to Mike Rowe for additional information on his collection of 1989 and 1990 posters.  It turns out that the color images of these posters were colored by Mike, and are not what they originally looked like.  Though the coloring job is beautiful, I have changed the archive to display the original black and white images.

Rumor has it that a new Pollock poster will be out soon.  Keep your eye on the Doniac Schvice (the Phish newsletter) for more info.

Posterplanet.com has one signed BGP "Maple Syrup" '95 poster with a bent corner still available for $125.  There is also one out on Ebay right now currently at $56. Also on Ebay, an Albany '99 by Pollock is at $90.  A Gorge '99 also by Pollock has yet to receive its opening bid of $100.  A LE Europe '98 is at $71 and will go higher.  The same old, same old is at Dry Goods.

We still need more poster images for the archive.   Please send them to terry@tbook.com and you'll automatically be entered into our Poster Giveaway contest.  Click here for more details

1/27/00 - Many rare posters are coming out on Ebay these days.   A Prague '98 with a small tear is at $100 and closes later tonight.  A Pittsburgh '95 handbill by Arminski is at $71.00 and closes tomorrow.  A Dayton '95 handbill also by Arminski is at $50.01 and closes on 1/30.  A Halloween '98 LE by Sutton is at $315 and also closes on 1/30.  An Albany '99 by Pollock is at $122.50.   Another Albany '99 is at $41, but is harder to find since the word poster does not appear in it's title.  Search for "Phish print" to find this one.  A very rare "Highway" poster from 1990 is at $205.  A used Atlanta '95 is at $51.  A pair of Arminki '95 posters are both at $41, but will go higher.  

A Jones Beach show bill (most likely a fake) is at $41.  I bought one of these last year, and the packaging job was so poor, it ripped upon opening. After looking at it, I concluded it was a fake, and threw it out.  This one looks very similar to the one I bought, including the extra wide margin at the bottom.   A Denver  '97 show bill I bought recently, also appears to be a fake, as it was printed off center, and very poorly done.  I have yet to contact the seller regarding this one.  So far it appears that mostly show bills are being faked, as they are easy to copy on a copier capable of doing 11" x 17" copies.  An exception is the poster being sold on Ebay for 9/16/90.  The seller identifies it in the heading with an (R) for reproduction, but this poster never existed as far as I can tell.  Caveat Emptor.

1/20/00 - A very hard to find Halloween '98 by Sutton just went up for bids on Ebay.  Opening bid is $100.  This is the first time I have seen this authorized print come up for auction anywhere.  A Dayton '95 handbill by Arminski also just went up with an opening bid of $20.  A Pittsburgh '95 handbill also by Arminski is at $64.78 and closes on 1/28.  A Europe poster from Milan, Italy is at $46.  A signed Phishin' Out West is at $24.  An Albany '99 LE by Pollock is at $112.50. A Shoreline '95 11" x 17" show bill is at $33.09

Dry Goods has the Y2K Sunrise print available for ordering now.  This is the poster that was sold at the show, not the LE Y2k poster.   A few more LE Y2K posters are still available.

1/15/00 - The Ann Arbor '94 by Arminski set a new record for phish posters sold at auction when it closed at $499.99.  The bidding was fierce, with 3 bidders vying it for it in the last 5 minutes.  It even earned the "Hot" designation from Ebay. 

The Closed Auctions archive has been moved to a new location.

1/13/00 - A Dry Goods employee has stated that the Y2K poster that was being sold at the shows will be offered "Possibly tomorrow or Monday".  This one is different, and perhaps more interesting than the Limited Edition Y2K poster that has been offered since late December.  Speaking of the LE poster, I received mine yesterday, numbered in the low 170s, and ordered on the telephone on January 4th. 

In auction news, the Ann Arbor '94 by Arminski  being auctioned off on ebay is at $361.05 with 24 bids, and two hours left until it closes.   Looks like we have a new all time record for a Phish poster sold at auction! The old record was for the Arminski from Dayton '95.

1/10/00 - My copy of the Big Cypress poster that was only sold at the show has arrived.  I hope to have an image up shortly.  I have a few more images to put up as well. 

In auction news, an Ann Arbor '94 by Arminski (mistakenly labelled as being from 1995) is at $122.50.  In a conversation with Mr. Arminski in December, he stated that there were only about 250 of this one made, making it the rarest of the three posters he did before he was sued by the band.  With some prodding, he estimated that about 500 of each of the other two from 1995 were made, but with an unknown number being destroyed as a result of the lawsuit. This suit also involved some of the largest rock and roll poster dealers in the US.  Needless to say, said dealers do not sell Phish posters of any kind.  I sure hope everyone learned something from this.

1/5/00 - There appears to have been an authorized poster sold for $10 at The Big Cypress shows that is different than the Limited Edition poster currently being sold at Dry Goods. Rumor has it that there was at least one unauthorized poster being sold in the lot as well.  I expect to have images of the two authorized posters up on the archive within a few days or so. 

There were additional images for 1997, 1998, and 1999 added to the archive last weekend. 

1/2/00 - Happy Y2K to all.  Just a couple of the more common posters are out on ebay right now.  A Phishin' Out West is at $24 and hasn't opened despite closing today.  A Jones Beach '94 show bill is at $36.05, also closing today.  A Red Rocks '94 show bill is still a bargain at $5.50 with five days left to bid.  A Denver '97 and a Denver '98 are both out there.  The dealer selling both of these must have a stack of each, as they keep popping up every couple of weeks or so.  Same goes for the Red Rocks '94 show bill.  A Shoreline '99 waits for an opening bid of $20.  This poster closes on 1/5.   On Tuesday, Dry Goods will begin taking orders over the phone for the Limited Edition of 2k poster from NYE at Big Cypress.

12/26/99 - I hope everyone has a happy holiday, and with the big bash down on the Seminole Reservation in Florida, there will surely be folks having a good time during the upcoming Y2K rollover.  Speaking of the Y2K bash, the poster commemorating the event is now available for ordering on the phish web site.  See At Dry Goods for more information.  

In auction news, a set of Spring Europe '97s are up on ebay, hanging tight at $275 for the set.  The Halloween '98 has attracted nary a bid, as has the Albany '99.   A Gorge '99 is at $127.50. A Denver '97 show bill at $20.  A Jones Beach '94 show bill is at $15.50. 

12/22/99 - We have a new "Win a Poster" Contest to encourage pholks to send us images that are not listed in the archive.  Click here to learn more, and please help us archive these beautiful works of Phish art for all to enjoy. 

In auction news, a Halloween '98 by Sutton just went up for auction,  taking advantage of ebay's "Free Listing Day".  It will be interesting to see "who wants it, and how bad".    This poster closes on 12/30.  A Fillmore '98 that can still be had from Dry Goods for $10 is at $30.  An Arminski Handbill from Pittsburgh '95 has attracted no bids at $20, closing on 12/27. A Denver '97 show bill, and a Denver '98 poster sit at $20.  Both close on 12/27.  A Gorge '99 LE print by Pollock is at $127.50 while an Albany '99, has yet to see it's opening bid  of $80. Both of these woodcut posters close on 12/30.   A Shoreline '99 "BMX bikers" poster hasn't opened at $9.99.  This poster (contrary to previously published information) was never available through Dry Goods.  Get yours while they're cheap. 

There was a poster issued for Hampton '99, but I have yet to get my hands on my copy.  It's supposed to be another Pollock woodcut, x/600.  It may have sold out at the show (like Atlanta '99 and Deer Creek '99) because it's never been available at Dry Goods to my knowledge, and doesn't look it will be. 

12/10/99 - A Cleveland '95 by Emek just went up for bids with a reserve price of $155.  It closes 12/19.  A '97 Phishin' Out West closed yesterday at $51 with 18 bids.  Another one is set to close tomorrow and sits at $45, and yet another signed one is at $24.  A Pittsburgh '95 handbill by Arminski is at $32.50 with almost 4 days left to go.  An Albany '99 LE print by Pollock is at $38.50 and closes on 12/14.  Unauthorized "Fan Art"  prints for NYE 2000 are being advertised on ebay at $15 each if you order from the artists web site.   Speaking of NYE 2000, anyone who is going might want to consider picking up a couple of extra that event's LE posters.  Depending on how many they print up, they could become nice trade bait.  

12/9/99 - The day awoke with the Arminski Dayton '95 at $228.50.   By the time the dust settled, it closed at $356.50, setting an all-time record for Phish posters offered for auction on ebay.  Who amongst us Phish poster collectors, needs to know more?  Oh you?  Well, get extras when you see them on sale at the shows, pick up the ones (including extras) you can find at your local poster dealer, and then sit on them for a while or trade them with people you know.  I know of one lucky collector/trader  who copped a signed pair of Arminski's '95 posters (Pittsburgh and Dayton)  in trade for a single EMEK '95 Cleveland.  Just goes to show...

12/8/98 - The Arminski Dayton '95 soared to $228.50 with about 24 hours left.  Two dynamics seem to be going on. People seem to be either filling in rare posters in their Phish collection, or completing 1st sets of Arminski posters.  Two Phishin' Out West '97s are out there right now, one at $37, the other at $27.  A Denver '98 poster is at $23.50, and closes late tonight.  A Denver '97 show bill closes tomorrow morning as well.  It's current price is $26.09.  The artist signed Gorge by Distante is at $40.  I just got my copies of this one plus it's Shoreline '99 "sister".  These are very beautifully executed examples of the "fan art" you can occasionally find in the lot.  Both are highly recommended, yet not "authorized" prints.  A Clifford Ball '96 hasn't opened yet at $29.99.   It will.  The Albany '99 print went to $38.50 while the LE Gorge '99 closed yesterday at $76.0012/6/99 - The Arminski Dayton '95 went back up to $182.50 in some weird bidding action.  It closes 12/9.  The Gorge '99 by Pollock closes tomorrow and is currently at $76.  The Gorge '99 by Distante went to $20.50.

12/5/99 - The Arminski Dayton '95 went back down to $77 after the lead bidder "lost all his money gambling" over the weekend.  The Red Rocks '95 show bill closed at $41, pinholes and all.  The Gorge '99 went to $67.  The Gorge '99 by Distante still sits at $18.50.

12/3/99 - The Red Rocks '95 show bill went to $30 and closes on 12/5.  The Gorge '99 by Distante was at $18.50.  A Denver '97 show bill went to $20.05.  The Arminski Dayton '95 sits at $185.50.  A NYE 98/99 LE x/1500 has yet to open at $19.95.  With shipping it's now cheaper than buying it from Dry Goods, which still has this one almost one year after the show. Another Phishin' Out West came out opening at $20.  Neither have any takers at this point.

12/2/99 - A signed print by Distante for the Gorge '99 run just went up for auction and opened at $9.99, then quickly went to $15.50. A Denver '97 show bill and a Denver  '98 full color poster went up for bids, with both opening at $9.99.  The Phishin' Out West '97 at $35 still has not opened.  The Arminksi Dayton '95 went to $185.50 with 7 days left to go.  The Gorge '99 stayed at $50.  The Poster Archive hit 50 pictures.

12/1/99 - A Phishin Out West '97 poster went up for bids today, opening bid is $35.  The Arminski Dayton '95 went to $122.50.   This rare original, yet unauthorized print, could go much higher before it closes on 12/9, as many of its brethren were destroyed by order of the Band's legal department back in 1998.  A few copies snuck out, and this is one of them.  The Gorge '99 went to $50, and the Red Rocks '95 handbill (pinholes included) stuck at $24.58.

11/30/99 - The Warfield '94 went for $72.09 with 3 bidders vying in the last hour for it. The Red Rocks '95 show bill went to $24.58 and closes on 12/5.  The Gorge '99 is still at $43, and  the Arminski Dayton '95 just opened at $75.  A private party is asking $280 for a mint Halloween '98.   While that may be steep, I have yet to see one get auctioned, so it's hard to tell. 

11/29/99 - The Warfield '94 is still at $47.50, and closes tomorrow morning.  The Gorge '99 went to $43 and still has 7+ days to go.  A Red Rocks show bill is at $15.50.  A Dayton '95 Arminski was just posted, opening bid is $75 with no reserve, it's sister (Pittsburgh '95) sold on ebay last week for $152.50. News Archive

11/28/99 - The set of three Europe Spring 97's failed to reach reserve. The Warfield '94 is still at $47.50 and will likely go higher before it closes on 11/30 at 10:31am PST.  A '97 McNichols "Phish Destroys America" 11x17 show bill closes today at 17:48 PST with a current bid of $32.06. A Gorge '99 LE print was at $37, and closes on 12/7/99.

11/27/99.  See our new Closed Auctions column below for recent auction prices of key posters and prints.  A Gorge 99 just went up for bid starting at $1.00.  The Warfield '94 is still at $47.50 with one lone bidder.

11/23/99 - A Warfield '94, an Arminski from Pittsburgh '95, and a complete set of 3 Europe Spring '97s are currently being auctioned off  on ebay.    The poster from 7/3-4/99 closed at $56.00 without reaching it's reserve price.  The Arminski Pittsburgh '95 was at $112.51 at press time and closes tomorrow.  A framed Arminski handbill for Pittsburgh '95 went for $54.53, closing on 11/15/99.   The real shocker was the Amherst 4/16/94 which went for $105.50, closing on 11/15/99 with 35 bids!  In a private sale a month ago, a mint and rolled Halloween '98 went for $200. 

11/23/99 - Phish Dry Goods currently has the Albany, NY limited edition print by Pollock available for $25.00.  Limited Edition Posters for The Gorge '99 by Pollock just ran out, but were available up until about a week ago.  The NYE '98/99 print is still available, but likely to disappear soon, as will the Trey Band Acoustic Electric Red/Blue pair from Spring '99.

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