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Welcome to the
Trader's Post
(this page is no longer being updated)

5/7/02  I'm lookin' for any Phish Pollock print for sale. I do not have any Pollock items to trade - I simply would like to purchase a print. Anyone interested in selling one - please reply. All offers will be considered Thanks,  Matt Rogers, rogers@wesellbud.com, 917 807 7033.

Still looking for a UIC, any kind folks out there with one they want to part with, please email me at terry@tbook.com.

5/02/02 One complete signed (by Jim Pollock) set of the "Bigtop Series", including: Horse, Ringmaster, Tiger, Clown, Making Money & Humpty Dumpty I will part with this set for $1,150.00 e-mail Ken at kjamesk@msn.com FREE SHIPPING

One signed Kabuki $100.00 e-mail ken at kjamesk@msn.com

Looking for a Pollock Polaris to replace mine that got wet in the storm that evening.... Have the following: Kabuki, Astron, HempSet; Trey Winter Green/Purple 1st ed, Big Cypress Tree of Life; Complete AJ "Jam Band" Prints, etc. Please respond to pavecchi@hotmail.com THANKS!

I am looking to trade a new Simpson's/Phish shirt for the Pollock Hemp #4. Anyone interested? R.
Biggs quantigy@msn.com

Looking to perhaps trade the caricature I got in Plattsburgh. It's signed
("Pollock '96") by Jim and numbered 1135/2500. We've all read the
controversy regarding how many were actually printed/sold. I'm only
considering trades at this time. Special consideration given to those who
include a Ward Sutton Halloween '98 in their offer. E-mail me at

I have the following Pollock's up for trade : Rosemont 00' - Hemp Set - as well as a matching set of Trey 01' First Editions (Purple & Green). Looking to complete my 2000 Pollock set with a Shoreline. This being my least favorite 2000 Pollock, I saved it for last.

Trade and Trade/cash deals only

I want to trade my set of the pollock big top series prints. I have all six (pollock 2000), and was hoping to get either a Phish Power or Atlanta 99 for them. rock@nls.net

I am looking for the Trey '99 Blue on hard stock. That's all I need to finish my "Trey" right now. I can't trade but can buy. I know this is a trading
post, but I buy an item and keep it. Let's get this post rollin' again! Thanks for any help...John - John.E.Lindsay@dmu.edu

WTB - Mint condition Went Robot, offering $3500. Contact terry@tbook.com

WTB - Mint condition UIC by Pollock, offering $2500. Contact terry@tbook.com

FOR SALE - Pair of  Lemonwheel scrolls.  They don't fit into my decor anymore. There is one copy of the large scroll and one copy of the small scroll. Asking $650 for the set. Contact terry@tbook.com

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